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Geetanjali Sharma

Canonized as the prided of braj , Geetanjali is an actor , trained by Aanupam kher’s Institute of acting ,She is a renowned folk exponent and classical dancer who resides in Braj Mathura and is training for kathak in Mumbai . Geetanjali Sharma is a kathak dancer of Jaipur gahrana and senior disciple of guru Uma Dogra . Being an internationally renowned kathak dancer at par excellence exudes a lot of positive vibrations and energy. She is recognized for artistry, eloquence and spirituality in her presentation . She is known as the eternal Radha of Braj who has devoted her life to uplift the art of braj . At a tender age Geetanjali has gained such a repiye that it is hard and virtually almost impossible to talk about the Mayur Raas ‘ or the Holi of Braj ‘ without mentioning her Name .

The spark of her talent in dance were seen right from her childhood when she started dancing during her school days initially she performed without any formal training and guru yet she tried hard to add a new element in her versatile performance. She chose to minutely study every step concerning costumes ,make up , jewelry ,etc to make her performance powerful and alive. The start of her dancing career met with many hurdles . in spite of being at a tender age she faced family hardship and received no support of society. However ,She still managed to continue with her hobby and came a long way in her profession . it was really hard to against the mindset of the society but her hard work and dedication changed the outlook of many people in the society about dance .She always says that with her art she wants to bring peace and happiness in the world .
Her performances have always been highly appreciated by her audience. While she assumes the being of Radha appears on the stage to give meaning to the same , the spectators are simply carried away with the ecstatic performance .the performance has the power to mesmerize the audience and make them believe in the character of Radha .

Starting from her performance at school she has now entered international arena. She performed not only in our country but in foreign countries also and earned name and fame . the numerous performances across India ,UK, Mexico, China and many other countries have been enchanting . in India She has performed at khajuraho festival , lucknow festival , Raj mahotsav , Badal Raag ,Pt Durga lal festival, Jhansi Mahotsav , Swami Haridas Mahotsav Common wealth games and many more .over all she has performed in more than 1500 shows across the global.

Her performance have won her many honors and awards .At home she has been awarded with Yash Bharati Samman in Lucknow , by government of Uttar Pradesh in 2015. She was honored with Ustaad Bismillah Khan Award in New Delhi, By Sangeet Natak Academy in 2011. In 2010 She received National Youth award. Her talent has also made winner of ‘Nazneen-e-Taj’ and ‘Miss U.P Talent Ward’ in 2003. And, in 2002 her performance enticed every guest at the Prime Minister House and got appreciation and Blessings from our former Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpyeeji .

In 2006, she was honored by the prime minister & C.M Gujarat Shir Narendra modi ji , in 2008 , she was honored by thr government of chhattisghrh Shri Narshimhan ji In 2015 ,She was honored By lieutenant governor of Port Blair Shri A.K singh ji In 2016 she was honored by Chief minister of Bihar It is through these performance that she has been able to prove the power of folk arts and that these arts can be taken to new heights . after her expert training ,She has almost trained 2500 students through lokradha program and personal workshops. Her belief in folk dance form is immense and that’s what drives her on the success Plateau. When she showed interest in being a dancer She did not have any role model before her fallow . if at all she had anything it was books education from her mother and her feelings and emotions for Radha ;and that has inspired her into success.

Today many boys and girls aspiring for success ,take inspiration from her and she is always ready and eager to help support their career . she has Provided stage and employment to many senior and junior artist from Braj . she Provided free training and polishes the talent hidden in the newcomers to this field. Geetanjali also has different side that project her an active social worker .She strongly believe that the sacred duty of an artist is to serve nature and humanity .she is a personally that is dedicated towards her art as well as who is loyal towards her civil responsibilities. With her sincere endeavors she is successful at inspiring people around the world.