Classical Dance & Mayur Dance

Classical Kathak Dance

Geetanjali is one of the most eminent kathak dancers . an exquisite diamond of her art styal intense,, passionate , elegant yet vibrant , her performances are intimate yet pristine. She is one of the senior disciples of guru Uma Dogra. An Exhaustive treatment of the entire gamut if nritta, great authority and profound confidence in presenting Taal as well as Abhinaya aspects of dancing , gats of lyrical beauty of dramatic intensity followed by moving renditions of Bhajans and thumris constitute the format of her performances ,characterized by and electrifying energy . Her performances are graceful and delight to watch. Geetanjali has performed extensively in several festival. Pavas Mahotsav (Bhopal) ,Raindrops festival , Pandit durgalal festival (Mumbai) Vyashakhi mahotsav (vishakhapattanam),Rajgir festival (Bihar) Lucknow festival , Safai Mahotsav khajuraho festival ,Kathak Festival (Jaipur) Mrandangacharya Nana sahib Panse Smriti Samaroh (Damoh),Mamalapuram Dance festival (Chennai) , Badal Raag (Bharat bhawan Bhopal) Swami Haridas Samaroh (Vrindavan).

Mayur Dance

The weather is very pleasant as rumbling clouds overcast the sky. Nature reflects the delights of paradise onto the environs ; with the peacocks dancing in ecstasy and birds singing passionately .lost in a reverie , Shri Radha steps out of her bhavan and gazes at this scenario. It’s a love bonding between Shree radha & Krishna , When radha was missing Krishna she set very sad and decided to divert her mind and went to mayur kuti (peacock garden) to see them dancing whose feathers Krishna wears on his crown. Krishna ,Knowing her mind from afar and wanted to play mischief with her , so he playfully causes the peacock to disappear from the garden . found on peacock , leaving radha Distraught . Shri Radha Became very upset and started crying in agony . the rustling breeze plays with her clothes and soaking fragrance. It is crazily searches for Krishna . the touch of this gentle wind captivates the lord with its charm , tugging at his heart strings. Lord Krishna , then transformed himself into a peacock and came into the garden and dances with Radha Rani.