Nritya Natika & Charkula Nritya

Charkula Nritya

The spectacular dance from braj region of Uttar Pradesh – The land of lord Krishna and hid his consort –Radha Veiled women balancing large multi-tiered circular wooden pyramids on their heads , alight with 108 oil lamps , dance to strains of rasiya – song of lord Krishna . charkula is especially performed on the third day after holi – the day on which radha was born .according to legend, Radha’s grandmother ran out of the house with the charkula on her head to announce the birth of Radha Since then , chrkula has formed a popular dance form of Brajbhoomi , performed during various festivities .
Geetanjali has been the youngest charkula performer . She has been performining this form since the age of 15 years . that was her first performance  She won the 1st Prize and has been awarded with braj Natya award 2002’.